Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Shrimping in Southport as seen on Country file

Birkdale village gets more signs


Two new signs promoting Birkdale Village were put up just before Easter.

These replace the former signs, on Liverpool Road and Weld Road, which merely said “Birkdale” even though they were on the outskirts of “The Village” as it is known locally.

Birkdale councillor Simon Shaw, who was behind the initiative, explains: “A lot of people have always thought that the Council got it wrong with the original signs.  Neither of them was close to the boundaries of Birkdale.”

“Now we have the correct locality signs and it isn’t as if the two old signs have not gone to waste.  We arranged for them to be relocated to the start of Lulworth Road and also Guildford Road, so they are now at the true boundaries of Birkdale.  This was a separate Urban District Council until 1912 when it merged with Southport County Borough Council.”

Dukes Ward councillor Pat Ball, who represents the part of Birkdale Village to seaward of the railway line, added: “All six councillors across the two wards were happy to approve area committee funding to support this proposal.  This will further promote Birkdale Village as one of our town’s most attractive shopping areas.”

Councillor Iain Brodie Browne commented: “I think we are all very proud of Birkdale and it is only right that we advertise it properly.”

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Fiasco followed by farce Mersey sub regional shambles -the comrades fall out, again.


Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson is believed to be getting legal advice after he was left out of the vote for the leader of the new combined authority for the region.
Mr Anderson, along with the leader of Sefton Council, Peter Dowd, had not arrived at the meeting in time for the decision. Councillor Phil Davies from Wirral Council was elected as chair.

When I first heard of this omnishambles I thought it was an April fool's day stunt.

I always said this would end in tears. There is something approaching poetic justice that the Sefton Labour Boss turned up too late to vote for a Leader. Sefton Cabinet meetings are over in a blink of an eye now days and you could miss the entire meeting if you were slightly late-as my colleague Mike Booth has pointed out.

It was Labour incompetence that led to this structure in the first place. I am depressed to hear that the late arriving Sefton Boss would have voted for Joe Anderson. That would have confirm Liverpool dominance which would have been unhealthy.

First the name fiasco and now this farce. The only winners are M'learned friends.

The key economic drivers for Southport lie outside of this sub region. It has no answer to the infrastructure investment in road and rail to the north and east that we need, Potentially 2/3rds of our visitors are deterred from coming to our town because of the lousy road links to the motorway network and the state of the Southport -Manchester railway. Electrifying to rail to Manchester and restoring the curves at Burcough and thus opening up the route to Preston would transform our economy.

Railways and Archibald Sinclair

After his unexpected appearance on BBC News last night I am alerted to the fact that Liberal Leader, Archibald Sinclair, has a train named after him. It is kept at the Bluebell Line. Their website has a nice biography of the Leader. More on Liberal Leaders trains here
Sinclair at Waterloo with 'his train'  at its naming  Feb 1948