Friday, 22 June 2007

The Zulu Nation at Farnborough Rd Shool

In his capacity as Mayor Richard visited Farnborough Rd Junior School to see a production of the Zulu Nation. It was brilliant. The enthusiasm of the drama group transmitted itself to everyone, and the music that was amazing The only accompaniment was the drums The rhythm and the harmonies were reminiscent of the township music we have heard from South Africa. As one lad said 'it blew my mind away'

After the production the Headteacher showed us around the school. Every year group is studying a different part of the world. We travelled from the Rainforest of South America to China and then on to India before returning to Africa. There are lots of examples of the children's work on the school website and I urge everyone to have a look.
I am chair of the Governors at Farnborough Rd and I was really proud of what the school showed us today. The pupils were all fully engaged by their work and very keen to tell Mr Mayor all about it. A thoroughly uplifting morning

Bedford Park

After many years of hard work at last we seem to be making progress about Bedford Park. A packed meeting at the Portland pub on Thursday21 June saw local residents discuss suggestions for the development of the Park-which was the original site of the Birkdale Golf Club.
Let us be clear the first concern of the residents and park users was security. Sadly far a long time the park has attracted youths who delight getting drunk and being abusive. Almost everyone want assurances that if investment was to be made in the Park better security arrangements will be put in hand. I am by no means certain that the meeting was satisfied with the suggestions that came from the police and the council's park management team nevertheless the issue is now clearly on the agenda and the police and Sefton security will be judged by their actions. Simon Shaw and I are to meet the new district Police Inspector and this will be one of the matters under discussion.
We moved on to the facilities in the park. At present three are football pitches and a bowling green and associated buildings. The children's play area is very run down and is nor secure. Finally there is a great army of dog walkers.
In addition there was clear pressure for a cricket square. There is a very successful team that plays out of the pub but they have to travel to Burscough to get a pitch. The present plans have pencilled in a new cricket provision at Portland Street rec, but this is on the old tip and slopes and drains badly. The cricket folk much prefer the sandy soil of Bedford Park which has changing facilities and maintenance on site for the bowlers and footballers.
It was a great meeting with lots of new suggestions. At the end of the meeting we set up a new group 'Friends of Bedford Park' to take the project forward. More will follow on this website including links to the feedback site for local residents and park users who want to voice their ideas.
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Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Birkdale first Mayor*

*Richard Hands became the first Mayor of Sefton to come from Birkdale Ward when he was installed in Southport Town hall in Mayor in May.

Richard's role will now be more 'non political'. He will of course still be serving the people of Birkdale. We will keep you posted about Richard's busy schedule.


Richard Hand and I visit the Sefton green waste collection site in Formby to take advanatage of their open day offer of free compost. Another open day is expected in the Autumn. The site is just off the Formby by pass and it is there that much of the garden waste collected in the green bags is sent for composting.